Private lessons are expensive. Now you can get a jump on the information you need to sing your very best with this easy-to-use DVD--and at a fraction of the cost of private lessons! Your singing will come alive with reality-based techniques that will give you great tone and help you hit the high notes with ease. Perfect for ALL voices at ANY level. Easy-to-follow training that you can apply to your singing immediately! 110 minutes.
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Why should you bother to warm up your voice before you sing? Singing is very physical and you must take time to re-establish your muscle memory in small increments before bringing them together to sing a song, which ties together ALL the elements. A good warm-up will help you coordinate your brain, body, and voice so they work well together.
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Have you ever heard
Renee Sing?

Renee Grant-Williams, Soprano
Dorothy Barnhouse, Mezzo Soprano
Alden Gilchrist, Piano

The year is 1876; the elite of Leipzig take their seats in the ornate drawing room eagerly anticipating the pleasures of the liederabend that lies ahead. Two women, one soprano, one mezzo-soprano, stand in the crook of the piano ready to charm their listeners with a program of duets by Johannes Brahms. The maestro strikes a chord and the music begins...
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